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The cost of this program for the first 100 people is $200/month for one year.

The Inspired Living and WorkingFirst 100 Pilot Program has been designed to align with and support the Inspired Business Model of “HIGHEST OUTCOMES FOR ALL”. I need you and you need me to move to our next level of inspired authenticity. This financial sufficiency pricing model honours and supports us both.

I will support YOU with your next inspired step – whatever you choose to change, heal, create this next year

  • I will listen and offer you individual and customized support
  • I will help you to listen to, trust in and use your inner guidance system
  • I will help you navigate fears, doubts, challenges which are part of the journey
  • I will introduce you to other amazing human beings who like you and me, are choosing to create a more loving, truthful, fair and peaceful life and world
  • I will build and share a resource library of everything that has helped me AND all that is helping our pilot participants – processes, practices, models, resources, Q&A’s, etc.
  • I will be a steadfast friend and companion – there when you hit a bumpy patch and there when you have something magical to celebrate with a friend.

You will support me with my next inspired step – To build an Inspired Living and Working community

  • You are my “muse”. Accompanying and supporting you will help me bring forth my vision of an inspired living and working community

  • With your help, I will build an online community that supports people like us, who “see” and want to be part of creating a more loving, truthful, peaceful world
  • Your $200/month will help cover the costs of building this community – thank you!

  • Your commitment of time and focus (giving your all to what it is your want in your life/world) allows me to “test and refine” inspired processes before offering them to a larger community
  • You allow me to CREATE using the Inspired Living and Working model in a somewhat “controlled environment”.

Comparative Pricing

Individual and/or Group Coaching


First 100 Pilot Program