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What is Inspired Living and Working TM?

Inspired Living and Working TM began as a spiritual practice and has since morphed into a new way of living life more fully and authentically. This practice heals and integrates the whole self (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) AND every aspect of life (relationships, health, finances, work/service). It supports you to move forward through resistance and fear one simple, easy, natural, doable, right step at a time.

“Life’s not supposed to be this hard, painful, and complicated. Life is supposed to be easy, enjoyable, and fun”. 

How has Liz used Inspired Living and Working TM?

This process has helped me move through resistance and fear one simple, right step at a time. Life isn’t hard and complicated, however learning to trust in that and let go of all the ways we make life complicated and painful is hard. This process takes me by the hand and walks me through every scary obstacle, keeps me safe, and gets me to the other side, closer to the life I am here to live.

This process has truly saved me; pulled me out of the darkness and murk. It has shown me a whole new way to look at the world, which allows me to show up in life the way I always wanted to, authentically ME. And trust me, the authentic ME is a much better mother, wife, daughter, friend, coach, neighbour, and human being than the scared, confused, depleted, well intentioned me who was trying so hard to be that better version of myself.

Where does Inspired Living and Working TM come from and what’s it for?

Inspired Living and Working TM first came to me to help me shift from looking for answers and happiness outside of myself and instead learn to listen to, trust in, and follow my inner voice. Because I am a planner by profession, I needed a structured step-by-step process to help me transition from the world of traditional planning (external direction) to Inspired Living and Working TM (internal guidance) to create the changes I desired.

Who is it for?

  • You have “something in your heart” that calls (cries) for change, healing, birthing AND traditional approaches have not worked for you
  • You want to trust your inner voice to guide you, but don’t know how or where to start
  • You resonate with what you’ve read so far (Liz’s story, beliefs, vision)

Steps I follow:

Following your intuition may sound easy and maybe it is for some people. For me, it has taken years to master the intricacies and subtleties of my inner guidance system. I am still mastering the art of Inspired Living and Working TM, but I have had moments of mastery and let me tell you, nothing feels better or more right.

The more I practice listening to my inner guidance, the more layers and parts to this process emerge. Here’s a small glimpse into what I’ve learned and the process I’ve used to transform my life.

These steps first came to me to use as a daily spiritual practice. I would carve out one hour each morning. First, I would set my alarm for 30 minutes to complete steps 1-5 and then use the remaining 30 minutes to complete steps 6-10. Over the years, these steps have become more automatic and feel less structured. If you’re curious to give this process a whirl, I suggest starting with a one hour time period and adapting it to work for you. You can choose an intention and focus for the hour or “just show up” and let your inner wisdom choose the focus.

Here’s a very brief overview and explanation of the process I call Inspired Living and Working TM.


1. Showing up

The simple act of showing up takes great discipline. I experienced plenty of resistance to showing up and carving out time to practice and focus within. Showing up involves body and mind presence. It’s not just getting your bum in the seat, it’s also bringing your full attention to the present task at hand (a.k.a. tuning out all the noise).

That in itself is a heroic feat.

2. Asking for Guidance

Clearing the chatter and distractions in my mind, so that I could “ask for inspired next step” also took practice, practice, practice. Learning “how to ask” and “what to ask” was also an exercise of trial and error. Now I have many ways to ask for and receive the guidance I’m seeking that work for me.

3. Listening

Quieting the mind so you can hear the answer to your question. Sigh… This also takes great focus, faith, and discipline AND a lot of practice. My busy and fearful mind tried every trick in the book to keep me from hearing the wisdom within. It still does, but I’m getting smarter – I’ve become a worthy opponent to the tricks of resistance. You can too.

4. Trusting

Trusting, believing, and having faith is my biggest learning and it is a daily practice. For me, a planner by profession, handing over everything that matters most to me to an inner voice AND forsaking the many ways and beliefs I held about creating (controlling – let’s call a spade a spade) was HUGE.

Note: That’s one reason that I was given the 30 minute process, because that non-trusting part of me could be convinced that nothing would fall apart if I gave my attention to my inner voice for 30 minutes. It was do-able.

5. Take Inspired Action

For me, this step in the process is always the easiest, once I’ve made it through the preceding steps. What I have discovered, and it has been affirmed every single time, is that an inspired step is always easy, do-able, natural, and logical. It’s sustainable – it feels right in every cell of your body. I promise. I can’t wait for you to experience this feeling. If it doesn’t feel this way, IT IS NOT the next inspired step (that’s not saying it’s not an inspired step, it’s just not the next step).

6. Complete

This was a big one for me and a very satisfying step as I learned to honour it in the process. In the past, I had habitually finished projects and tasks 90%, leaving something small to come back to. In hindsight, I suspect this was that pesky resistance at work again, ensuring that my mind was always fragmented with all these small outstanding tasks and robbing me of the feeling of satisfaction that comes from completion.

Completion does not always mean that there’s not more to do. In the Inspired Living and Working process, when the 30 minutes is up you STOP and return to the process and ask yourself “Does this feel complete?” Just answer honestly – seeing and telling the truth to yourself. There will be opportunity to follow up and complete later.

7. Acknowledge Significance and Check-in

It’s really important (and may feel awkward and perhaps counter-intuitive) to stop frequently and pause and reflect on the past 30 minutes. Acknowledge to yourself anything you notice about the experience. Acknowledge the significance of the step and/or the process experience. This is where I mine for gems. Not always, but often it is in this step that I see the wisdom and brilliance of the step – how it fits/supports everything that matters to me and why it was the perfect next step.

In our busy lives, running from one task to another, we often miss the gems. We fail to stop and smell the roses. We miss the miracles and answered prayers. In this process and particularly this step in the process, we actually get to take a breath and see the wonder and magic that surrounds and supports us. It is there when we stop and look for it.

8. Self-Evaluation and Assessment

This is the time in the process that you get to ask yourself “how did I do?” The intention of this step is to learn, grow, and get better each time you practice. It’s not about beating yourself up for not being perfect AND it is about being honest with yourself about what you did well (pat yourself on the back) and what you need to work on and/or would do differently next time.

It brings your focus back to learning, honing, and mastering the art of Inspired Living and Working. As with anything else, there is only one way to master something, by practicing and improving over time.

9. Anything Else?

Is there anything else that needs to be done/seen before we call this step complete? Perhaps there is a small something you want to do (put away) from the action step. Perhaps there is something that has come up that you want to note. Perhaps there is something you want to jot down if you will be coming back to this another time. Sometimes it just feels complete and the answer is no.

10. Integration Break

Once I feel satisfied that this step is complete, I take a break. I call it an integration break because the intention of it is to allow time for whatever emerged from the step to absorb, settle, soak in, savour, heal…, before rushing to something else.

Before Inspired Living and Working, I never took a breath between activities. I literally ran from one appointment to the next, never having the time to really take in the last experience. I remember thinking “I wish I had time to sit with this.” Sometimes BIG shifts happen in these small inspired steps and if we don’t take time to take it in, then it’s not there the next time you need/want it. This step also really helps me to stay grounded, anchored, connected, and whole when I’m ready for what comes next.

11. Repeat!

If and when ready, begin again. You might start with a new question or you might choose to come back to the last question (where you left off) or you can leave that up to “inspiration.” When I was first given this process to help me practice using my inner guidance/intuition, I would carve out an hour at the beginning of the day.

Now, after many years of practice, I use this process all day. It is my new operating system and feels more natural than when I first started using it. Once you’ve completed the first round, you’ll know whether you’re ready for round 2. If not, no worries. Come back tomorrow and practice again for an hour.

The more you practice the better you get and the easier each step becomes. If you’re like I was and have been operating with external guidance for your whole life, do not expect overnight to switch over. Every time you choose your inner voice, it moves you one step closer to the life you were born to live. Feel good and proud about that.

My guidance has told me that one inspired step moves mountains and trumps a thousand non-inspired  (fragmented) steps. So take that in and feel good about what you’ve accomplished in one hour. Be kind and patient and encouraging with yourself, the way you’d be with your child or a dear friend. That’s an order!