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What is the First 100 Pilot Program?

It is the next step towards building a global Inspired Living and Working TM community. A place that nurtures, grows, and celebrates the light, love, and goodness in each of us. A place to be truly seen, supported, and loved. A safe place to BE YOU – stand firmly in the truth of your magnificence and shine brightly and live boldly.

The First 100 pilot program is designed for YOU, if you share my vision for this kind of community AND if you are ready to stand more fully in your own love, truth, goodness, and light.

Heal yourself, Heal the world.

Who is it for? Is this invitation right for you?

YES, if there is ‘something’ inside, insistently calling you to change, create, shine, become… 

AND, you don’t know…

  1. What it is
  2. Where to start
  3. How to stop the madness and create time/space for this “something” new to emerge
  4. How to use your inner guidance system in practical ways

OR, you know what to do, BUT…

  1. Resistance (fear, doubt, excuses, stories) stops you in your tracks
  2. You’ve been unable to stay the course in any consistent way

OR, you are heeding the call of your heart and each day living a more authentic and aligned life, AND…

  1. Somedays you feel very alone with your ideas and efforts
  2. You wish you had others to talk to who “got you and what you were doing” – to share the challenges and celebrate the successes with friends

Why a Pilot Program?

Because it is my next inspired step! Okay, you need more than that. Here’s what I understand about why I’m starting with a pilot group. I feel called (strongly!) to share my own learning and experience so that others might discover for themselves what I have uncovered. For me, the most natural and enjoyable way to share is in relationship. When I’m in relationship and having a conversation with you and really “hearing your heart”, the words, ideas, and teachings come to me effortlessly.

When I am asked to write or tell you about what I’ve learned, I don’t have the slightest idea where to begin, what to share…, I’m stumped. But place me in a conversation with a real human being with real life situations, circumstances, and dreams and the perfect golden nuggets flow naturally. It seems I need you as my muse to bring forth all that I’ve learned into something I can share with many.

What will the program offer?

I have several ideas about what kind of support will be offered to participants, but I will hold off making detailed promises until I know who the participants are and what will best serve each participant and the community as a whole.

What I can tell you is that my goal is to find ways to keep the support very personal and customized while simultaneously striving to be as creative as possible to use all resources as efficiently and effectively in service to the whole. There will be a combination of individual and group support. Having a whole community behind you is an empowering feeling, too! A place to share your dreams and intentions with others and receive support, encouragement, and love. Here are some possibilities:

  • Individual and/or group coaching
  • A place to “ask Liz” questions
  • Gatherings – coming together for inspiration
  • Resource library – things that have helped me and others (books, videos, films, blogs, services, links)
  • Case studies, which you and I may create as we go
  • Community challenges
  • Celebration and rituals
  • Directory – so you can find what you need
  • Updates – What’s new, what we’re learning, successes, and good finds

Where do we start?

  1. We will start with one-on-one time for you and I to get to know each other. This is where we will clarify your focus for the year. This is a significant step. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure. This is what I’m good at. All you need to do is show up and have a conversation with me. We’ll end up with a clear focus and intention to guide you through this year.
  2. With a clear focus and intention, your “next inspired step” will naturally emerge.
  3. As I will be showing you, Inspired Living and Working TM is about ‘the one next step’ so after this, it’s a mystery. It depends on so many things.


Together, we will build this community using technology to connect and support us! So you can join and participate from wherever you are. There may be times some of us choose to gather in person, however the primary focus is to connect and serve a global community. The Inspired Living and Working TM community will be designed to support YOU, no matter where you call home.


Now! Or whenever you are ready to start. We are going to build it as we go. I have space for up to 100 participants in the pilot program and I will keep accepting new members until we reach 100. The program begins for YOU the day we have our first meeting and we set your intention and focus for the year.

How much?

For the first 100 participants, the price is $200/month for one year.

I promise you that you will receive much more than your investment if you show up with a willingness to give your all to whatever it is you desire in your life and world. I have priced this program at a fraction of its market value to reflect my gratitude for those of you who are willing to pioneer some new frontiers with me. This is because I’d like your help to design and bring to fruition my vision and afford me the opportunity to utilize Inspired Living and Working TM to build it with you. In addition, if you join me in this pilot and decide part way through it’s not for you, you are free to withdraw without any penalty.

Click below to read more about pricing philosophy:

Why $200?