Pinch Me – Part Two

Good morning fellow ‘inspired’ travellers,

This morning I feel compelled to write part two of Pinch Me. It’s important for me to keep it real with you. The Inspired Living and Working path is not all about magical moments. There’s the other side of it which is much less sexy, exciting and fun. Yes, there are times when inspiration feels like a bolt of magical bliss – the choir sings, the seas part, and the blue skies open, answers and clarity come to us effortlessly… What’s not to love about inspired living and working in these moments? There are also the days and sometimes weeks and months when inspiration is a very faint voice or knowing calling us forward in the thick of slug. We can’t see further ahead than the next step which as one of you aptly put it feels like going against a very strong wind. This is Inspired Living and Working too. As we move in the direction of the life which we feel called to, it requires us to move through some old shit. It requires us to tend to things that perhaps we haven’t been able to in the past. It requires us to clear the way and sometimes that’s through some pretty dense and thick brush.

I don’t want any of you to think that you are not listening to and hearing your inner guidance extremely well, because you are! I used to think that if it didn’t feel good, I must be doing something wrong or not hearing correctly. That’s not the case. In fact, I have come to appreciate that these excruciatingly slow and steady times are pivotal in creating the change I want. They get me to the other side of ‘something’ that I had not got to before. Once there, I am often met with one of those magical moments – and I can see with more clarity and understanding what it was all about.

It is the combination of these experiences that make Inspired Living and Working an adventure – not simply a life at the beach.

Some of you have been moving through this latter terrain. It’s exhausting and painful and you keep moving with such conviction and courage – way better than I did at the beginning. Trust me when I say “you are moving mountains” with every step and there will be magical moments for you too. They are going to feel so good, in part because of this hard work you’re doing now.

The day after I sent out the Pinch Me email, I was hit with one of those stormy winds myself. There I was one day, seeing with such clarity – feeling the delight of this inspired life – writing to you about my Pinch Me moment and then waking up to a heavy fog and strong winds the next. This happens. Of course I much prefer the blue sky days and I’m learning to navigate the stormy weather days differently. I’m slowly learning that “this too shall pass” is an absolute truth about both. I liken it to mountain climbing (which btw I have actually never done outside of my imagination). Somedays, you are winding around slippery slopes perhaps in dense fog and gusty winds. At these junctures, we must slow down and bring our full focus very close – we cannot look too far ahead – our concentration must be on a safe next step. When we get through that, we might be met with exhilaration, an expansive view and a clear path of next steps. That’s all part of the adventure. It wouldn’t be an adventure without both (and many more) of these experiences.

Listening for – trusting in and following that inner voice through whatever the current landscape IS Inspired Living and Working. Each day, I am blown away by your capacity, determination, focus, faith and willingness to keep giving this Inspired Living and Working approach your all. Each of you inspire me more than I can say. When I hit up against my own storms, I feel you all with me and that gives me even more determination to keep going.

So here’s to more Pinch Me moments and here’s to every moment in between. You are rocking this my friend.

Have a great weekend.


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