Pinch Me – Part One

Inspired Friends,

I am whelmed by your love, appreciation and support. Thank you for being you and for taking this wild adventure with me. When I was receiving guidance about this Inspired Living and Working Pilot program, I was told that the participants I would attract would be my students and my teachers. I loved this – hoped for this – but never could have imagined how amazing it could be to work and play with others in this way. I am experiencing and witnessing “highest outcomes for all” – something that has been a mantra of mine for years. Thanks to you, I get to live it now. Thank you.

Every week I receive lessons, clues, messages, gifts from each of you. Whether it be:

  • your words of appreciation that you say to me during a check-in call or write to me in an email – THESE MEAN THE WORLD TO ME – AFFIRMING ME TO KEEP TRUSTING MY OWN INTUITION
  • something you say during our conversation or something I say during our conversation that is exactly what I needed to hear as well – THANK YOU
  • the inspiration and delight I get to enjoy witnessing you move so beautifully in the direction of your dreams – YOUR SUCCESS FEELS LIKE MY SUCCESS
    • whether that be a ‘huge’ leap forward or a slow and steady movement through some really hard stuff – YOU INSPIRE AND PUSH ME FORWARD EVERY DAY
  • a conversation we have about something we have or are both experiencing – THIS HELPS ME TOO
  • you sharing something with me that you uncovered that helped you – WHICH ALSO HELPS ME.
  • how good and nourishing it feels to engage in deep and meaningful conversations with highly intelligent and caring individuals – PINCH ME..
  • the magical feeling when I get to see “what was shown to me in a vision” come to fruition before my very eyes – THIS STRENGTHENS MY FAITH AND FOCUS and PROPELS ME FORWARD

Together, we are pioneering new ways of living and working! Together, we move with greater swiftness, ease, and confidence! Just imagine what’s possible now for all of us!

You are also affirming my belief and guidance around “perfect fit and right timing”. I have had a few participants withdraw from the program. In the past I would have experienced this differently. In the past I would have told myself and the other person, it’s okay – it’s just not a right fit or right timing. A part of me believed this and another part of me would go somewhere else in my mind and heart. This time, because I know what “right fit and timing” feel like, it is much gentler to let something and someone go that simply isn’t a right fit at this time. This is huge for me. It’s actually a blessing, as it frees up more time and energy for you and me. Now that I’ve experienced right fit and the magic of inspired reciprocity, I’ll never go back. 🙂

I’m telling you this for a couple of reasons my dear friend. First, I want to share with you how grateful I am that you are “with me” on this journey. My inspired journey has hastened and lightened with you on it with me. Thank you. The second reason I am telling you this, is to encourage you to follow your heart and believe in the guidance and visions you are hearing and seeing right now. Inspired living and working WORKS!. The life and work that you are imagining, exists in your future. And, your future may be a lot closer than you think. Dream big, keep going (eye on the prize) and believe in that inner voice that always has your best interests at heart. Highest outcomes for you. Highest outcomes for all. 

It really is possible. The fact that we are on this adventure together right now, is living proof. Here’s to more Pinch Me moments for all of us.

Hugs and love.


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