Friday Inspiration


What if the worst-case scenario is not what keeps you awake at night? What if the worst-case scenario is not loss of security, relationships, love, or reputation? What if it’s something far worse? That’s the insight (First 100 participant) Kim had this past month. In our last check-in, out of her mouth came this profound realization…

The worst-case scenario (if I take this leap and follow my heart) isn’t what I’ve been thinking. The worst-case scenario is staying where I am and ‘feeling dead’. 

Her words struck a chord with me and I instantly knew they would strike a chord with you. With Kim’s permission, I am sharing her insight with you. Her words feel like a universal truth for anyone who feels called to something that requires a leap of faith.

It seems that we often give more attention to the “what if(s) – a.k.a. worst-case scenario thinking to what might happen if we take the leap. How often do we stop and ask ourselves the ‘what if  – worst-case scenario question’ for if we don’t take the leap? I encourage you to ask yourself that question the next time your heart’s calling requires you to take a scary step/leap.

On the heels of my conversation with Kim, I was watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday on OWN. At the end of the interview, a YouTube video played that echoed Kim’s message. Prince Ea’s Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives is a great reminder for each of us who have chosen to follow our heart’s calling and to live the life we came here to live fully. Enjoy watching!

Thanks Kim, Oprah, and Prince Ea for your insights and inspiration.  Have a great weekend everyone.


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