You’re Doing Great!

Happy Wednesday Fearless First 100,

I’ve had some time this afternoon to reflect upon the many wonderful conversations I’ve had with you over the past few weeks. I am in awe of your courage, conviction, insights and wisdom. Thanks for allowing me to accompany you on this journey.

The Inspired Living and Working path is not for the faint of heart as you are discovering each day. It requests we show up our very best day after day and DARE to PAUSE AND BE STILL in a world that moves at breakneck speed. It invites us to listen to, trust in and follow the wisdom of our hearts while slowing down (tuning out) our racing minds. This is seldom easy. You have been showing up – doing your best – staying the course – riding the waves and here’s what I want you to remember today.

You are already closer to the life you want to live than you were before you said yes to Inspired Living and Working! 

I know this because, You have already:

  • invested time to really stop and ask yourself “what do I really want for my life, my work and my world?” How many people do you know who have done this?
  • dared to get quiet and listen to the answer from within even when that might have been a little scary – and you heard the answer clearly
  • said YES to giving consistent time, focus and energy to your inner wisdom and your dreams for a whole year
  • uncovered pertinent information and clues about yourself as it relates to creating what you want – you are smarter today than yesterday
  • taken inspired steps and action when asked and you have refrained from taking steps and action that didn’t feel inspired (that’s super hard)
  • navigated some challenging energies and a few slippery slopes – and you’re still alive, well and showing up
  • more clarity today about what you want and what gets in your way and what helps and….

So just in case you aren’t seeing what I’m seeing, here it is – YOU’RE DOING GREAT! Just imagine what’s possible if you keep doing what you’re doing for 365 days. You got this!

I suspect that at least some of you are rejecting my “you’re doing great” and thinking about all the times that you didn’t do what I’ve said you have. See, I’m on to you! If that’s you, I suggest the following:

  • absolutely acknowledge where you can do better and commit to doing better
  • make sure that you also acknowledge all the times and ways that you did do great or good or okay and pat yourself on the back.
  • remember you are learning and new skills are mastered over time with practice
  • we’re aiming for progress, not perfection, Marie Forleo

I’m here – just an email away if you have a question or need support. Carry on my Fearless First 100!

Chat soon,


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