First 100 – First Month – First Update

Greetings First 100 participants,

I’ve been compiling an email update in my mind for a couple weeks now. It’s part of my vision that I keep you updated with “what’s happening and unfolding” with this pilot program in addition to supporting you each individually. So here’s my first attempt at this.

Who has signed up?

As of today, I have 11 participants which turns out to be the perfect number and the perfect people. Interestingly, about half of you I knew before and the other half I am meeting for the first time. The slow and steady pace of registrations has allowed me the time to meet with everyone in deep and meaningful ways which is essential for my own personal satisfaction and success. It’s allowed me to begin to create and build valuable resources. It’s allowed me to sustain a balance in my life. It’s provided more clarity to what this program might look like. It’s given me the confidence to trust in this idea and know that it’s going to be a great success. Thank you to each of you for giving these gifts to me. Pinch me!

To date, only women have signed up. That’s okay and men are certainly welcome to join us too. There is a wide age range which I love. The majority of you own your own business. Each of you have chosen a focus that captures a deeper essence (qualities you want to experience in life and work) while some of you have been more specific about tangible outcomes than others. I am beginning to see some wonderful threads of commonality which always excites me. I will be sharing these with you as we move through this year together. So far, everyone who has signed up lives in and around Edmonton.

If you know someone who you think would benefit from this program, please tell them about it and me. I’m eager to welcome more people like you. Brave souls daring to follow their heart’s nudging and take that next inspired step in the direction of the life, work and world calling.

What have we been doing?

Our focus this month has been to choose a clear focus and intention for each of you that we will use to guide us through this year. Everyone I have met with so far has helped me remember and refine the art of creating a powerful focus statement. I’ve enjoyed the co-creative, back and forth process more than I can say. I am blown away at what is emerging for each of you and I’m in awe of everyone’s willingness to fully engage in this process. For those of you I have yet to meet, I can’t wait to start this co-creative process with you.This is going to be a great year for all of us.

When do we get to meet each other?

Speaking of “all of us”, I am playing with ideas around introducing participants to each other. It seems unfair for me to be the only one who gets to enjoy the heart and wisdom of each of you. In the next month, I will be introducing some ideas and inviting your input, feedback and participation.

What am I learning from you?

So much!! Working with each of you and listening to your stories, dreams, inner reflections and challenges has been such a gift to me.

  • First off, I am reminded on a daily basis that each of you are here to mirror to me “what’s here for me to look at”. Damn, right? Without fail, something I have said to one of you returns to me within a 24 hour period. I love this and it keeps me humble indeed!
  • You have also helped me clarify and refine what I have learned about creating a strong and powerful Intention/Focus statement. I will be creating and sharing a document about this soon.
  • You are also helping me compile a list of common challenges that emerge when beginning to follow an inspired living and working path. I will be using this list to write articles and pull together helpful resources to share with you as we move forward.
  • Your questions have been extremely helpful, especially the ones I find hard to answer – like, what exactly does this program look like? Your challenging questions along with your willingness to have these conversations with me has proven very helpful. Thank you for this and please keep them coming.
  • I am coming up against some of my own stories and challenges too. One of them is related to perfectionism – a desire to figure things out and get them right before putting anything out there. I reminded myself this week that one of the intentions of this pilot program was to provide me with a place to test out ideas and learn and develop new services. This is not an easy one for me and I am going to do it anyway (just like I will be inviting you to move through your fears and resistance, so must I). The one-on-one work with each of you is my comfort zone and what I am already pretty darn good at. The new piece for me (and what I am wanting to learn and develop this year) is how to create ways to serve you as a whole. It is here that I will be learning and testing out ideas before they are perfect! Yikes, I squirm just writing this. Over the next while, I will be following through with ideas that come to me for the purposes of “testing them out”. I will count on you to let me know what you like and what you don’t. The goal is to find ways to create greater value for each of us by sharing information, resources, insights and experiences with each other. While each of us has our own specific focus and intention and life story, we are also more alike than we are different and I am eager to create ways to maximize benefits from this truth.

What are you learning from me?

I would love to hear what you are learning and receiving from this process so far. Please keep me apprised of what’s helping, not helping and anything in between. I am relying on you as much as you are relying on me to make this year a success!

Also, please tell me what you’d like me to share with you in the future.

Final confession..

As I am wrapping this email up my desire for perfection pops up again. It suggests I make this look better or perhaps shorten it… The list goes on. With some trepidation I will take these suggestions under advisement for future updates and just push send today. As one of you so aptly reminded me this week “good enough” is sometimes the best goal to strive for when we want to keep moving. Here’s to that!

Thank you again for choosing to participate in this mystery project with me. Your participation and full engagement are allowing me to keep taking my inspired next step which in turn will allow me to support you to take your next inspired step and so on. See how this works!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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