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Nice to meet you.

There is so much I want to tell you about myself and how I have arrived HERE, at this juncture where I am ready to share Inspired Living and Working TM with you. I will be sharing more of my story with you as we embark on this Inspired Living and Working TM adventure together. For now, you likely need to know a little bit more about me to know if this invitation is right for you. So here are the highlights:


  • A business owner with 30 years of business planning, consulting, and coaching experience (helping individuals and groups manifest, grow, and sustain their dreams)
  • A great listener and a seer of possibilities
  • Able to hold big picture visions while zooming in and seeing practical next steps
  • Born to pioneer and lead healthier ways of living and working
  • Happiest when I am in alignment with the life I’m here to live AND helping others to find this happiness too
  • A curious student and teacher of life and the human experience – a modern day mystic
  • A loving (loved) mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother
  • Blessed with parents and grandparents who modeled kindness, caring for others, faith, and “goodness” to me
  • A fiercely loyal, devoted, and caring friend
  • Highly sensitive and intuitive
  • Healthy and happy after years of feeling tired, sad, and unfulfilled in spite of having oodles of good in my life

I believe…

  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience
  • We are ALL connected and each of us has a simple and significant part to play in a grander plan
  • We are born with an internal guidance system (IGS) designed to support us to fulfill our part – live the life we are born to live
  • When we are using our IGS and fulfilling our part of the plan, we experience ease and we feel good, happy, connected, strong, loved, supported…
  • When we are off course or out of alignment with our IGS, we feel lost, empty, confused, depressed, despair, frustrated, angry…
  • We make life more difficult than it needs to be when we look outside of ourselves for solutions and ignore the internal wisdom/guidance available within us ALL
  • We heal the world when we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves when we return to the life we’re here to live
  • In highest possible outcomes for ALL
  • Life truly is not supposed to be as hard, painful, and complicated as many of us make it! There is another – simpler and easier way!
  • My “part” in this larger plan is to learn this simpler, easier way – LIVE IT – and share it when asked

Here’s what I can promise you:

  • To always be authentic. I’m a truth teller
  • To practice what I preach. I’m fully committed to Inspired Living and Working
  • To be present. I know your truths are sacred. I will always give them my full attention
  • A safe place. Creating sacred space is a privilege and responsibility I take seriously
  • To always give my all. When we both show up and give our all, miracles happen
  • To challenge you. Sorry, but sometimes that’s what we need
  • To honour YOU. To see, hear, and reflect back to you the magnificence of who you truly are
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