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I am delighted you are here.

Inspired Living and Working TM saved me. What if it can help you too? If you’re someone who knows you are here to BE more and to SHINE, then this invitation to join my First 100 pilot program may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Before we go further, I want to offer you a couple options for reviewing this site and learning more about the First 100 Pilot Program. If you are someone who appreciates a website that gets to the point quickly, I suggest you begin with this First 100 information package. If you are someone who appreciates more of the background and context, I invite you to carry on reading from here. Both are available to you any time. Now, let’s continue with more of my story.

I didn’t always feel this good. For years, life felt like a continual struggle and it took effort to keep up. I often felt torn between everything I loved, and I never had enough energy to do all I wanted to do or be all I wanted to be. I couldn’t even enjoy all that was wonderful in my life.

If only… If only I had more time. If only I had more energy. If only I didn’t have to earn a living. If only… Then I could be the mom, wife, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend, business coach, and human being I was meant to be. I felt depleted and overwhelmed and the harder I tried, the further I got from the satisfaction and happiness I desired. I frequently heard this message that now I’m telling you…

“Life’s not supposed to be this hard, painful, and complicated. Life is supposed to be easy, enjoyable, and fun”. -Liz Garratt

That’s it. That is what Inspired Living and Working TM is about. But it’s one thing to hear it. It is something else to believe it and live it. I needed to find the time to sit with it. Find a way to create more ease, joy, and fun in my life. But a pesky thing called resistance, which I know you’ve experienced as well, held me back. Fear told me that if I listened to this “nonsense” and changed what I was doing, I might lose the things and people I cared about most.

How could I drop everything and follow this call? I couldn’t. But I couldn’t ignore it either. So I would get up very early and carve out quiet time to “listen”. I made time for it. I started taking steps. Still, I was not able to stay focused if one of my daughters called or a client needed something.

I was too scared to stop doing what I’d always done. Part of me believed these old ways were holding everything I cared about together. I couldn’t possibly risk dropping the ball, for what? Something unknown without any guarantees? So I tried to do my best in both worlds, which of course led to less time, energy, money, satisfaction…

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Then, came my moment of surrender.

Something great happened, perimenopause. I know what you’re thinking. Huh? She thinks that’s something great? This woman is crazy! Here’s the thing: with these raging hormones came the inability to ignore the pleading of my heart. These midlife hormones insisted I heed this inner call, or I was going to do or say something I would deeply regret. That’s what it took for me to finally say YES. From this moment of surrender four years ago, my life began to change and continues to change in miraculous ways.

This change did not happen with a wave of a magic wand. (Although, I’d really hoped and prayed for that). Change happened slow and steady. One small ‘inspired’ step at a time. You’re going to want to move faster, I know. But I promise you the Inspired Living and Working TM approach of taking slow, steady, and aligned steps is brilliant. Because it’s sustainable. That is key.

So, that’s a tiny glimpse into my story, so far. I have used the Inspired Living and Working TM approach daily for the past four years and it has turned my life and my view of the world upside down in the best possible way. I have shared it with family, friends, and clients who have witnessed the change in me and I am eager to share it with you.

THIS is my next inspired step. I am to share what I’ve learned with you. I am to hear what you have learned as well. Together, we are to pioneer a gentler way of living and working for all. Together, we are to rise above our fears and bring forth more love and light into our world. Together, our light shines brighter and further.

This vision first came to me in 2002.

A global “web of light” growing and expanding, as each of us wake up and return to the life we are here to live. I share this vision with many others who, like me, have heeded the call to change the way we live, work, and see our world.

Heal yourself, Heal the world.

What is the First 100 Pilot Program.

It is the next step towards building a global Inspired Living and Working TM community. A place that nurtures, grows, and celebrates the light, love, and goodness in each of us. A place to be truly seen, supported, and loved. A safe place to BE YOU – stand firmly in the truth of your magnificence and shine brightly and live boldly.

The First 100 pilot program is designed for YOU, if you share my vision for this kind of community AND if you are ready to stand more fully in your own love, truth, goodness, and light.

I would like to invite you, along with 99 other inspired friends to join me for a year of Inspired Living and Working TM.

Is there “something” calling you to change, heal, and create? Have you been unsuccessful, try as you may? Have you been wanting to make a difference in your world but aren’t sure where to start? Have you been in search of community? If so, this Inspired Living and Working pilot program might be the very thing you’ve been asking for!

A bit more about this Program.

  • It’s you and me getting to know each other and clarifying the “what and why” of your focus for this year.
  • It’s me listening deeply and really hearing what matters most to YOU.
  • It’s us customizing, designing, and continually tweaking a process to best support YOU.
  • It’s me sharing my Inspired Living and Working process with you.
  • It’s you taking one inspired step after the next in the direction of the life and work you desire.
  • It’s me supporting you every step of the way.
  • It’s us walking in the mystery of what comes next, together.
  • It’s us creating a community of Inspired Living and Working friends!
  • If you give this your all, you will move closer to being the you that you were born to be. That you’ve always wanted to be.

Plus, I am offering this program at $200/month.

Read more about the First 100 Pilot Program

I need you!

The pilot program participants will help me learn and develop ways to reach and serve a larger group than I have so far. I envision a much larger community emerging from the First 100 pilot year, but I need real human beings to help me bring forth all the wisdom that has transformed my life.

Perhaps, you need me too!

I am looking for participants who will benefit from being part of this pilot program. My prayer is highest possible outcomes for all. Success for me and this program is that we all walk forward lighter, brighter, happier. My inner guidance tells me that you will know who you are and if this invitation is a YES for you.

Before you say YES.

I must be completely honest and transparent with you, so here’s what I want you to know.

  1. Life is not supposed to be as painful, hard, and complicated as we humans make it. Life can be more joyful and meaningful for all. Inspired Living and Working TM is one way to move you from struggle to ease. This I know to be true.
  2. The transition from struggle to ease is not always easy. Learning to listen to, trust in, and follow your inner guidance in the world we live in is sometimes really hard. And the hardest part of all is to let go of the old and familiar ways and trust that this new way will catch you and all you care about. The Inspired Living and Working TM path requires commitment, discipline, faith, and focus. This my friend, is why we need community!
  3. Finally, because this First 100 is a pilot, we will learn, grow, and create together. Inspired Living and Working TM is an emergent process and this requires we walk in the mystery much of the time. I have complete faith that together we can create highest outcomes for all. However, taking this journey with me means that you won’t always know what is coming next. Somedays you’ll love this and other days (perhaps) not so much!

The Inspired Living and Working TM path requires commitment, discipline, faith, and focus. This my friend, is why we need community!