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Linda Wood Edwards.

“I’ve been on my own journey along-side Liz for many years, and I thank the stars that I get to keep doing so. Working with Liz on my Inspired Business Plan was life changing and even though my plan is a decade old, it hangs in my office and I look at it daily. And it still works because it is built on a foundation of ME, and not on what someone else thinks I should be doing. This was one of the biggest gifts I received from Liz in the early days, but in the intervening years I have appreciated her Inspired circles, coaching, and even financial advice.

In Liz’s special way she helped me shed the silos in my life so that I can be “whole.” I am a consultant, an artist, a diplomat, a rowdy child, and a nerd. In the past, I would have put “OR” between each word, depending on who you were. Now I can say in all honesty, life is easier and better just being all me all the time. I don’t think I could have gotten here without Liz, or at least not as quickly or safely. Liz’s skills, intuition, and generosity make every adventure with her worthwhile and fun, if a little scary at times. Plus she can “hold space” for the work I need to do like no one else I’ve met. This is a true gift for someone like me. Let the next adventure begin!”

Linda Wood Edwards

Linda participated in my Inspired Business Planning Pilot Circle in 2008. She has participated in subsequent offerings and books the occasional coaching session.

Sarah J. Clark.

“To take an inspired journey with Liz Garratt is an unbelievable gift. Her gentle, wise and intuitive approach is comforting, supportive and very, very practical. I consider my connection to Liz and the work she is offering to be life-changing in the most amazing ways. I recommend Inspired Living and Working to anyone who wants to connect with the fullness and joy of their authentic life.”

sarah j. clark

I contracted Sarah as my graphic designer in 2006’ish. A few years in she contracted me to help her with inspired living and working.

Adele Goodwin.

Dear Liz, your Inspired Business Planning Circle has been a magical journey of uncovering my inner identity. My landscape design business is 10 years old and working very well but I felt like there was more to be discovered – a vague sense of unrest or unfulfillment was lurking beneath the surface. What came out of hiding was the Sacred Artist. She is a powerful spirit full of emotion and grace. She has created the Whispering Stones Studio where women can come to a sacred space and manifest Acts of Power through the ancient arts of sewing and crafting. All of the pieces of my life have been woven together in an astounding way through your gentle leadership. The deep friendships and unconditional support of the other participants are delicious icing on the cake. It was the perfect experience at the perfect time. The whole process has also given vibrant new life to my existing landscape design business by honing my priorities and practices to make it more profitable and in alignment with who I really am. I have become a better steward of the many gifts that I have been given.

In deep appreciation . . .”

Adele Goodwin


Adele joined my Inspired Business Planning Circle in 2009 and we continued meeting as a group until 2012.

Jean Tait.

“Working with Liz Garratt has affirmed that it is possible to do business in a heart-centered and aligned way. Truth, wisdom, and encouragement has always been part of the supportive working relationship that I have enjoyed with Liz for several years.”

Jean Tait, Art Therapist  www.artcanheal.ca

I first met Jean in 2010 when she joined the Aboriginal Women’s LINC (Learning, Innovating, and Networking Circle) I co-facilitated with Maggie Harris. She meets with me for the occasional coaching sessions.

Julia Kopala.

“I first met Liz Garratt in January 2009, in one of her Inspired Business Planning Circles. Since then, I have learned to respect, appreciate, admire, and love Liz Garratt.

Among the many attributes I admire about Liz, is her constant intention to grow and deepen her connection to her heart wisdom.

Liz has helped me find my legs and grow my wings. She believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. She has lovingly pushed me out of my comfortable nest, and remembers to connect with me the next day, to make sure I am still flying.  There is not an ounce of ego in her magical knowing. She is my biggest fan.

Among other ways of knowing, Liz has introduced me to the 40-Day Meditation which has been a turning point in my development both personally and professionally.

Liz Garratt, you have heard me, and you have validated me.  You are my rock.”

Julia Kopala

Julia joined one of my Inspired Business Planning Circles in 2009. That particular group chose to continue meeting together after completing the process.

Enid Dufresne-Dario

“It is my honour to share a few words about the tremendous impact that Liz Garratt has had on my life over the past 10+ years.  Liz has been a great teacher/mentor/coach/friend who amongst many talents possess the amazing ability to listen deeply.  Liz has the gift of hearing the words and then sharing what she heard your heart saying – she literally can hear between the lines.  She has helped me in so many ways but mostly has been the translator of my hearts longing as I had not been listening or understanding myself.  I’m so excited to take this next journey with Liz to learn this powerful life process as I have witnessed her transformation over the past few years.  If you are brave and ready to truly listen to your hearts longing for change, Liz is the guide you have been praying for.”

Enid participated in my Inspired Business Planning Pilot Circle in 2008.

Kathy Roy.

“I have witnessed Inspired Living and Working transform Liz’s life in ways that have created more happiness, ease and fulfillment for her.  Liz has rich insights, wisdom and guidance to share.  I have worked with her often throughout the years and trust her sincerity, authenticity and generosity in creating and holding a safe container that helps you grow.”

Kathy Roy
Writer – Speaker – Teacher

I have worked with Kathy on various aspects and evolutions of her business since 2006.

Connie Brisson.

“I just finished my latest issue of Mosaic Magazine. As I flip through it, the final draft before it even gets to the printer, I’m so proud. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And one of the people I have to thank for that is Liz Garratt. Before I joined Liz’s circles I was ‘doing my business’ the best way I knew how. I didn’t have any small business experience when I took over Mosaic. I did have an education in writing and journalism, but owning a magazine, pleasing the advertisers and getting out a professional product that pays for itself is a lot bigger business ‘thing’ than knowing just how to write. On my 6th anniversary of owning Mosaic, I joined Liz’s circles, mostly hoping to manage my time in a more efficient manner. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, other than ‘other’ people said she was great.

Well, that was an understatement! I feel like my magazine and I have undergone a metamorphosis like none other in the last six months. I’ve had more personal AHA’s in her ‘business’ circles than I’ve ever had in any personal development classes I’ve ever taken. One of the best things I’ve got from Liz’s circles is CLARITY. There is something about having crisp, clear, clarity that automatically saves you time. My magazine is getting more beautiful because I realized that beauty is really important to me – but, believe it or not, I didn’t ‘know’ that about myself until I was sitting in one of Liz’s circles one day!

And since then, making decisions about what goes into Mosaic is so easy compared to the painstaking way it use to be where I would lament over what was beautiful versus what I ‘SHOULD’ do so EVERYONE would be happy. It was emotionally exhausting trying to think about everyone and everything, every page! But halleluiah! What used to take me an hour to decide, I now decide in 5 minutes! I LOVE IT! And there’s honestly so many more examples and treasures I’ve gotten from being in her circles, but there really isn’t the space here to get into it.

So, I’ll just say this. I LOVE LIZ! I love everything about her and I love being in her circles, learning every time from her and the other people there who share from their heart and souls. If it is up to me, I’ll be in Liz’s circles until I’m really old and they won’t give me a driving license anymore so I won’t be able to get to Sherwood Park and see her. And that’s the honest truth.”

Connie Brisson
Mosaic Magazine

Connie was an Inspired Business Planning Circle participant.