I am delighted you are here.

Inspired Living and Working saved me. What if, it can help you too? If you’re someone who knows you are here to BE more and to SHINE, then this invitation to join my First 100 pilot program may be exactly what you have been looking for.

I didn’t always feel this good. For years, life felt like a continual struggle and it took effort to keep up. I often felt torn between everything I loved, and I never had enough energy to do all I wanted to do or be all I wanted to be. I couldn’t even enjoy all that was wonderful in my life.

If only… If only I had more time. If only I had more energy. If only I had enough money. If only I had more clarity. If only… Then I could be the mom, wife, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend, business coach, and human being I was meant to be. I felt depleted and overwhelmed and the harder I tried, the further I got from the satisfaction and happiness I desired. I frequently heard this message that now I’m telling you…

“Life’s not supposed to be this hard, painful and complicated. Life is supposed to be easy, enjoyable, and fun”. -Liz Garratt

That’s it. That is what Inspired Living and Working is about. But it’s one thing to hear it. It is something else to believe it and live it. I needed to find the time to sit with it. Find a way to create more ease, joy, and fun in my life. But a pesky thing called resistance, which I know you’ve experienced as well, held me back. Fear told me that if I listened to this “nonsense” and changed what I was doing, I might lose the things and people I cared about most.

How could I drop everything and follow this call? I couldn’t. But I couldn’t ignore it either. So I would get up very early and carve out quiet time to “listen”. I made time for it. I started taking steps. Still, I was not able to stay focused if one of my daughters called or a client needed something.

I was too scared to stop doing what I’d always done. Part of me believed these old ways were holding everything I cared about together. I couldn’t possibly risk dropping the ball, for what? Something unknown without any guarantees? So I tried to do my best in both worlds, which of course led to less time, energy, money, satisfaction…

Then, came my moment of surrender.

Something great happened, perimenopause. I know what you’re thinking. Huh? She thinks that’s something great? This woman is crazy! Here’s the thing: with these raging hormones came the inability to ignore the pleading of my heart. These midlife hormones stepped in and insisted I heed this inner call, or I was going to do or say something I would deeply regret. That’s what it took for me to finally say YES. From this moment of surrender four years ago, my life began to change and continues to change in miraculous ways.

This change did not happen with a wave of a magic wand. (Although, I’d really hoped and prayed for that). Change happened slow and steady. One small ‘inspired’ step at a time. You’re going to want to move faster, I know. But I promise you the Inspired Living and Working approach of taking slow, steady, and aligned steps is brilliant. Because it’s sustainable. That is key.

So, that’s a tiny glimpse into my story, so far. I have used the Inspired Living and Working approach daily for the past four years and it has turned my life and my view of the world upside down in the best possible way. I have shared it with family, friends, and clients who have witnessed the change in me and I am eager to share it with you.

THIS is my next inspired step. I am to share what I’ve learned with anyone who knows there is better way to live this life we’ve been given, but for some/many reason(s) has been unable to get there on their own.

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This vision first came to me in 2002.

A global “web of light” growing and expanding, as each of us wake up and return to the life we are here to live. I share this vision with many others who, like me, have heeded the call to change the way we live, work, and see our world.

Heal yourself, Heal the world.

First 100 Pilot Program.

I would like to invite you, along with 99 other people to join me in a pilot program.

Is there “something” calling you to change, heal, and create? Have you been unsuccessful, try as you may? Have you been wanting to make a difference in your world but aren’t sure where to start? If so, this inspired living and working pilot program might be the very thing you’ve been asking for!

What is the First 100 Pilot Program?

  • It’s me sharing the Inspired Living and Working teachings with you
  • It’s us adapting, customizing, and applying the process to best benefit YOU
  • It’s you and me, getting to know each other and clarifying the “what and why” of your focus for this program
  • It’s me offering you some possible next steps based on what you have told me
  • It’s us creating a community of Inspired Living and Working friends!
  • It’s about us diving into the mystery of what comes next, together
  • It’s me supporting you every step of the way
  • If you give this your all… You will move closer to being the you that you were born to be. That you’ve always wanted to be.

What does the program look like?

  1. It will start with one-on-one time for you and I to get to know each other. This is where we will clarify your focus for the program. This is a significant step. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure. This is what I’m good at. All you need to do is show up and have a conversation with me. We’ll end up with a clear focus and intention to guide you through this year.
  2. After this first step, I will offer you some “next inspired steps” that you can choose from.
  3. As I will be showing you, Inspired Living and Working is about ‘the one next step’ so after this, it’s a mystery. It depends on so many things.
  • I will support you every step of the way.
  • I will introduce you to new ways to see and navigate life.
  • I will be there for you when the going gets rough to offer you love, encouragement, strategies, and support.
  • I will be there on the great days too. When everything falls into perfect alignment and you have a “pinch me” moment.
  • This community will offer you the comforting reassurance that you are not alone, crazy, or the only one feeling this way. I find that just knowing this is a very helpful thing.

All my cards are on the table.

I have several ideas about what kind of support will be offered to participants, but I will hold off making detailed promises until I know who the participants are and what will best serve each participant and the community as a whole. What I can tell you is that my goal is to find ways to keep the support very personal and customized while simultaneously striving to be as creative as possible to use all resources as efficiently and effectively in service to the whole. There will be a combination of individual and group support. Having a whole community behind you is an empowering feeling, too!

  • A place to share your dreams and intentions with others and receive support, encouragement, and love
  • Individual and/or group coaching
  • A place to “ask Liz” questions
  • Gatherings – coming together for inspiration
  • Resource library – things that have helped me and others (books, videos, films, blogs, services)
  • Case studies, which you and I may create as we go
  • Community challenges
  • Celebration and rituals
  • Directory – so you can find what you need
  • Monthly updates – What’s new, what we’re learning, successes, and good finds

The cost of this program for the first 100 people is $100/month for one year.

I promise you that you will receive much more than your investment if you show up with a willingness to give your all to whatever it is you desire in your life and world. I have priced this program at a fraction of its market value to reflect my gratitude for those of you who are willing to pioneer some new frontiers with me.

In addition, if you join me in this pilot and decide part way through, it’s not for you, you are free to withdraw without any penalty.

Because it is my next inspired step! Okay, you need more than that. Here’s what I understand about why I’m starting with a pilot group. I feel called (strongly!) to share my own learning and experience so that others might discover for themselves what I have uncovered. For me, the most natural and enjoyable way to share is in relationship. When I’m in relationship and having a conversation with you and really “hearing your heart”, the words, ideas, and teachings come to me effortlessly.

When I am asked to write or tell you about what I’ve learned, I don’t have the slightest idea where to begin, what to share… I’m stumped. But place me in a conversation with a real human being with real life situations, circumstances, and dreams and the perfect golden nuggets flow naturally. It seems I need you as my muse to bring forth all that I’ve learned into “something” I can share with many.

That’s the number that feels right to me. In the past I have worked with individuals and small groups. I love the intimacy, depth, and richness of these relationships AND I know that I am to find a way to keep the personal connection while reaching and serving more people. I am confident in my ability to show up fully for 100 people, so they receive the support they need to make the changes they desire, while stretching me to be creative, inspired, and resourceful with how I can best serve everyone.
Inspired Living and Working is a spiritual practice I have used to heal and integrate my “whole” self (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) and every relationship in my life. Inspired Living and Working first came to me (inspired) to help me shift from looking for answers outside of myself and instead learn to listen, trust and follow my inner voice. It began as a daily spiritual practice and has since morphed into a new way of living. It has helped me to be clear and focused, happy and healthy and truly experience what I always knew instinctively, but could never quite realize – “Life is not meant to be this hard, painful and complicated. It’s supposed to be easy and enjoyable”.

This simple yet profound practice has helped me move through resistance and fear one simple, easy, natural, doable, right step at a time. Life doesn’t need to be so complicated, however learning to trust in that and break free of the habitual ways we make life complicated and painful is HARD. This process takes me by the hand and walks me through every scary obstacle, keeps me safe and gets me to the other side, closer to the life I am here to live.

This process has truly saved me, pulled me out of the darkness and murk. It has shown me a whole new way to look at the world, which allows me to show up in life the way I always wanted to, authentically ME. And trust me, the authentic ME is a much better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, coach, HUMAN BEING than the overwhelmed, depleted, and well intentioned me who was “trying so hard” to be that better version of myself.

I need you!

The pilot program participants will help me learn and develop ways to reach and serve a larger group than I have so far. I envision a much larger community emerging from the First 100 pilot year, but as I said, I need real human beings to help me bring forth all the wisdom that has transformed my life.

Perhaps, you need me too!

I am looking for participants who will benefit from being part of this pilot program. My prayer is highest possible outcomes for all. Success for me and this program is that we all walk forward lighter, brighter, happier. My inner guidance tells me that you will know who you are and if this invitation is a YES for you.

Before you say YES.

I must be completely honest and transparent with you, so here’s what I want you to know.

  1. Life is not supposed to be as painful, hard, and complicated as we humans make it. Life can be more joyful and meaningful for all. Inspired living and working is one way to move you from struggle to ease. This I know to be true.
  2. My second truth is that the transition from struggle to ease is not always easy. Learning to listen to, trust in, and follow your inner guidance in the world we live in is sometimes really hard. And the hardest part of all is to let go of the old and familiar ways and trust that this new way will catch you and all you care about. The Inspired Living and Working path requires commitment, discipline, faith, and focus. This my friend, is why we need community!
  3. Finally, because this First 100 is a pilot, we will learn, grow, and create together. Inspired Living and Working is an emergent process and this requires we walk in the mystery much of the time. I have complete faith that together we can create highest outcomes for all. However, taking this journey with me means that you won’t always know what is coming next. Somedays you’ll love this and other days (perhaps) not so much!

The Inspired Living and Working path requires commitment, discipline, faith, and focus. This my friend, is why we need community!

Sure, you can do this alone, but wouldn’t it be easier and more enjoyable to have company?

Perhaps your inspired transition can be gentler and swifter than mine. In fact, I hope it is!

Please be still and trust your inner knowing to tell you whether this is right for you at this time.

  • If the answer is YES, I welcome you and thank you wholeheartedly, and promise you my full devotion. I can’t wait to meet you.
  • If the answer is NOT NOW, but you would like to be kept in the loop, sign up for our community updates. There will be opportunities to join our community in the future.
  • If the answer is NOT SURE, I need more information, ask me anything you need/want to know about me, about my inspired living and working journey, about inspired living and working, or about your suitability for the First 100. I will be adding all questions and answers to this site, so be sure to check there too. Maybe someone has already asked your question.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read my invitation. If you know someone who might be a perfect fit for this opportunity, please share this FIRST 100 invitation.

Whether you choose to take this inspired living and working journey now or wait, I wish you every success in all your inspired endeavours,

Much love,


Working with Liz Garratt has affirmed that it is possible to do business in a heart-centered and aligned way. Truth, wisdom, and encouragement has always been part of the supportive working relationship that I have enjoyed with Liz for over eight years.
Jean Tait
To take an inspired journey with Liz Garratt is an unbelievable gift. Her gentle, wise and intuitive approach is comforting, supportive and very, very practical. I consider my connection to Liz and the work she is offering to be life-changing in the most amazing ways. I recommend Inspired Living and Working to anyone who wants to connect with the fullness and joy of their authentic life.
Sarah Clark
Liz’s skills, intuition, and generosity make every adventure with her worthwhile and fun, if a little scary at times. Plus she can “hold space” for the work I need to do like no one else I’ve met.
Linda Wood Edwards
I have witnessed Inspired Living and Working transform Liz’s life in ways that have created more happiness, ease and fulfillment for her. She has shared her process with me and I trust that she can, indeed, show YOU how Inspired Living and Working can create more freedom, fun and flow in your life.
Kathy Roy
Liz has helped me find my legs and grow my wings. She believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. She has lovingly pushed me out of my comfortable nest, and remembers to connect with me the next day, to make sure I am still flying. There is not an ounce of ego in her magical knowing. She is my biggest fan.
Julia Kopala
Liz has the gift of hearing the words and then sharing what she heard your heart saying – she literally can hear between the lines. She has helped me in so many ways but mostly has been the translator of my hearts longing as I had not been listening or understanding myself. If you are brave and ready to truly listen to your hearts longing for change, Liz is the guide you have been praying for.
Enid Dufresne Dario